Education. Innovation. Technology. That’s the intersection where Canvas lives—all to make teaching and learning easier. And that means enabling institutions to build their learning ecosystems easily and customizably.

It’s at that same intersection of education, innovation, and technology, where we meet our 100+ like-minded (or, even better, divergently-minded) partners, equally committed to building an ecosystem for success in education. It’s where we engage with third-party technology, service, and content providers to ensure we never take our foot off the innovation accelerator, from IMS to LTI to LIS and more. And it’s where we, together, push to make integrations as easy as humanly possible for everyone.

Interested in teaming up? Let’s talk.

Categories: Instructure offers five different categories of partnerships, each described briefly below.

Community Partner

Community partners offer technical integrations with Canvas so that institutions can implement a seamless learning environment that works for everyone—administrators, teachers, students, and more.

Certified Partner

Certified partners offer technical integrations with Canvas that have been formally reviewed and certified by Instructure. These integrations empower institutions to offer faculty, teachers, and students a seamless learning environment.

Alliance/Premier Partner

Alliance partners provide integrated tech solutions and/or complementary services with Canvas that represent unique, strategic business opportunities for both the partner and Instructure.

Like Alliance partners, Premier partners offer more sophisticated technical integrations with Canvas and typically have a deeper relationship with Instructure. This partnership category welcomes partners who’ve been successful in categories strategically significant to Canvas.

Both Alliance and Premier partners are by invitation only.

Product Partner

Product partners represent those technologies that Instructure uses (via licensing and building integrations) to extend product functionality. Technologies may roll directly into Canvas or be tightly integrated. Partner Portal Partner Benefits Partner Press
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