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See how Canvas is changing the face of education one institution at a time.


Extending the learning experience through LTI

UCF chose the Canvas LMS for its extensibility—the flexibility of the platform to be customized to meet the institution’s unique needs and to solve problems. The university has used the LTI standard to build integrations for third-party tools, as well as for its own custom apps.

“Canvas really makes my life better; it allows me to do the things I have always wanted to do but never had the tools and the time savings to do them.”Ted Coopman San José State University


Streamlining the World’s Largest
Education System

Selected as the LMS for California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative, Canvas increases access to quality online courses.


Democratizing education.


Making the switch,
going all-in.


Boosting Teacher Adoption
with Better Tools.


Making a difference with Canvas.


Choosing an LMS for all the right reasons

“I really like the flexibility and naturalness of Canvas. It seems very intuitive. I feel like Canvas is to our previous LMS as the iPhone is to an old rotary phone.” Brenda Frieden Pittsburg State University

“It makes sense! A complete LMS solution… sans complexity. In Canvas, you can deploy with ease and expect faculty to have more time to focus on content than the tool to deliver them.” August Alfonso Del Mar College

“I can do in one mouse click what took at least four clicks in our other LMS. What took at least a half a day to grade now can easily be done in less than an hour using SpeedGrader. Canvas has made life bearable again as an instructor.” Hal Rice Murray State University


Reaching more students, more widely, more accessibly.

Fernando Rubio, associate professor at the University of Utah, used Canvas to continue studies with a student who was called up to military service 5,000 miles away.

“I was one of the evaluating faculty for your competitors: Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle. You guys are decades ahead of all of them.”Kelly Fadel Utah State University

Thousands of
Schools use Canvas

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University of Washington

“Students love accessing all of their course materials in one spot, and our faculty are particularly pleased with the efficiency of assignment submission and grading. In fact, with those things so easy, many faculty are exploring and using features and tools they've never used before, reshaping their pedagogical approach.”

Tom Lewis
Director, Academic & Collaborative Applications

Utah Education Network

“What caught our eye was the speed and direction they were moving into uncharted waters. We saw the future of the LMS space, and we wanted to be part of it.”

Scott Allen
Learning Systems Administrator

San José State University

“Canvas is the next generation of learning management systems.”

Catherine Cheal
Associate VP &
Sr. Academic Technology Officer

University of Colorado

“I've worked in Academic Technology for 7 years now, and used 7 different LMSs from various points of view including: student, support, administrator, and instructor. After all of this I can say that Canvas is, unequivocally, the best. So often I catch myself thinking 'How did I ever survive before Canvas?'”

David Lyons
Academic Technology Coordinator

New Mexico State University

“The Notifications in Canvas have allowed me to more quickly respond to my students. I no longer have to continuously check the communication tools in the Canvas system itself to see if I have a question from a student. I simply set my notification preference and then as soon as a student posts a question, I see it in my external email and can reply back.”

Robbie Grant
Instructional Technology Consultant/LMS Administrator

Tyler Jr College

“I love how easy Canvas is to get your course up and running. There is even an app for my iPad for SpeedGrader and Canvas which is my favorite part of Canvas. My student feedback has been all positive and their favorite part of canvas is the app.”

Diane Morris
Professor, Computer Information Systems

Michigan Tech University

“Our transition to Canvas has been smooth, and we are very pleased with our decision. In hindsight, my only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.”

Walt Milligan

Northwestern University

“We had our first production use of Canvas this week and it could not have gone any more flawlessly. The student experience was great and the faculty are delighted with the automated grading and richness of data that Canvas provides.”

Raghu Katakam
CIO, Kellogg School of Management

Murray State University

“I can do in one mouse click what took at least four clicks in our other LMS. What took at least a half a day to grade now can easily be done in less than an hour using SpeedGrader. Canvas has made life bearable again as an instructor.”

Hal Rice
IT Director

Auburn University

“Since implementing Canvas, we’ve seen a significant increase in teacher and student adoption of the LMS. With higher adoption has come an increase in the ease of teaching and learning.”

Kathy McClelland
Manager IMG

University of Central Florida

“Canvas has fundamentally changed the way my team works. Now, with Canvas, the instructors have the freedom to create their own content pages, and my team can focus on making deeper, richer experiences for students.”

Jacob Bates
Team Lead, Center for Distributed Learning

Tidewater Community College

“I have been teaching exclusively online for over 12 years at colleges and universities in both the US and Canada. Without a doubt, Canvas is the 'best of the best'”

Russ Meade
Dept. of Business


“Canvas provides our faculty with a vehicle to teach their courses in the way they envision, and our students with a modern tool that suits their rapid pace of learning. We look forward to taking full advantage of the learning technology offered by Canvas.”

Joshua Kim
Ph.D., director of digital learning initiatives


“We made the switch to Canvas pretty early. It was a pretty easy decision for us to make since the other players in the market weren't thinking actively and engagingly about the growing edges in LMS platforms: mobile, social, LTI.”

Pamela Wik-Grimm
Manager, Learning Solutions Group

Brown University

“What attracted us most to Canvas was the overall look and feel. The students feel more comfortable because Canvas looks and feels much more like the tools they spend time in.”

Catherine Zabriskie
Director, Academic Technology Services

Narwhal Academy

“Nar nar nar whal wha wa na. Canvas wa nar nar LMS wha easier. Nar na whalwa giant tusk coming from my nose nar nar.” (Google translate has yet to do much with Narwhal->English, but this seems pretty close.)

Monodon monoceros

Atlantis Intermediate School

“Our students have learned a lot more about Atlantic History–Poseidon, Neptune, Ariel & Prince Eric, Spongebob–in our 12 months with Canvas (underwater edition) than in years and years with our previous ULMS (underwater learning management system), which was as clunky and unintuitive as trying to swim with human feet. LOL.”

Arthur Curry

Bermuda Triangle University (BTU)

“Since we all disappeared mysteriously into this mythical vortex of time and space, we’ve felt disconnected from the world. Canvas has really helped us to connect with each other and learn more about our situation, as well as different survivors’ respective areas of expertise. Also, if you are reading this: SOS!”

Vincent Gaddis

Case Studies Research

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