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Why is it so hard to showcase, promote, and manage registration for your online offerings?

That’s a leading question. It isn’t.


Canvas Catalog makes it a breeze to offer and track professional development across your district. Not only is it easy, but it keeps teachers and admins on the same page.

Oh, it looks pretty cool too. Like Fonzie cool. Maybe that’s a dated reference? How about Bill Murray cool? Everyone likes that guy.

So, what exactly is Canvas Catalog?

Canvas Catalog is a school or district branded storefront that allows you to promote online classes and programs. You can easily list online classes, professional development courses, continuing education programs, and much more. It’s a simple, modern, and effective way to promote your courses, manage registration, take payment (when necessary), and track participation and progress. Did we mention it’s easy-to-use, works with most payment systems, and seamlessly integrates with Canvas? Now we did.

“Paint me a picture,” you say.

OK. So you’ve got totally awesome professional development courses and programs that will benefit teachers across the district and state. Then there’s the decidedly unglamorous, logistically nightmarish underside of details— communicating that these programs exist, managing registrations and enrollments, tracking participation and completion, and making it all look half-decent, much less just getting course delivery right. Nobody got into education for the busywork, right? Canvas Catalog makes it easy
on you.

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Canvas Catalog

Canvas Catalog works in tandem with Canvas and provides you with a modern, school-branded storefront. It allows you to offer a number of professional development or continuing education courses, all without a big hassle. But Canvas Catalog, is, obviously, native to Canvas, which allows you to publish any Canvas course in an attractive online catalog fast. Maybe you want to charge for the course? Maybe you don't. We’ll leave that up to you.

“Give me the bullet points already,” you say.

  • Beautiful, user-friendly, modern course catalog solution
  • Searchable directory of courses
  • Payment gateway integrates with many payment systems
  • Easily centralize and track registration for online offerings, including professional development and continuing education programs
  • Create custom landing pages to promote your individual courses with details about each course
  • Easy-to-use interface allows you to access and build course listings, manage listings, and, remove listings
  • Automatically issue certificates upon completion of courses

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Canvas Catalog

We want to tell you more about how Canvas Catalog can help you and your school or district. We just need your name, email, and the organization you represent and we’ll get back to you soon.

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