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Hundreds of features. All working together. To help make teaching and learning easier.

At Canvas, all we want to do is help make teaching and learning easier, on every level. That’s why we keep it simple—from Canvas itself being ergonomic technology that stays out of your way to a whole slew of easy-to-use, intuitive features that simply do what they’re supposed to do.

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Simplifies Teaching and Learning

Simply put, Canvas makes teaching and learning easier. It’s intuitive, collaborative, and you can access it anytime, anywhere, on any device. Being easy to learn, easy to implement, and radically easy to use makes Canvas that much easier for teachers to adopt. Simple is what Canvas does better than anyone else.

Canvas Data

Canvas Data parses and aggregates more than 280 million rows of Canvas usage data generated daily.

Canvas Commons

Share more easily, more intuitively, with no compromises.

Audio and Video Messages

Give better feedback and help students feel more connected with audio and video messages.

Automated Tasks

Manage your class more quickly and more easily with automated tasks.


Customize and award badges for attendance, behavior, and participation.


Keep track of important dates and events with the Canvas Calendar.


Chat with other students or teachers in real-time.

Collaborative Workspaces

Work together seamlessly by using the right technologies in the right ways in Canvas.

Common Core and State Standards

Easily align instruction to the Common Core and state standards.

Course Copy, Migration, Import/Export

Easily import your courses into Canvas.

Course Creation

Create courses manually or one at a time.

Customized Navigation

Canvas intelligently adds course navigation links as teachers create courses.

Dashboard and Activity Stream

See the latest, most relevant course information right when you log in.


Help students think deeper about the content they're learning through Discussions.


Create learning-centered ePortfolios that aggregate both new and past work.

Graphic Analytics and Reporting

Turn student performance and usage data into meaningful insights that can inform instruction and help teachers differentiate when needed.


Students can share, collaborate, and discuss ideas as part of a Group.

Integrated Media Recorder

Record audio and video messages within Canvas.

Learning Mastery Gradebook

Measure and track student performance and make informed instructional decisions with the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

Mobile Annotation

Open, annotate, and submit assignments directly within the Canvas mobile app.


Stay better organized and direct learning based on prerequisites with Modules.

Notification Preferences

Receive course updates when and where you want - by email, text message, even Twitter or LinkedIn.


Assess and prepare students to be assessed on standards.


Create wiki-like pages to share content or information.

Parent Co-Enrollment

Connect parents to students’ classes automatically—giving them the insight to help their child(ren) be successful.

Preview Tool

Quickly preview documents without downloading or being redirected to another page.


Introduce yourself to your students or classmates with a Canvas profile.


Canvas facilitates online quizzes, exams, and surveys via Quizzes.

Rich Content Editor

Build rich, engaging content through text, images, equations, videos, and more.

Roles and Permissions

Set role-based permissions.

RSS Support

Pull feeds from external sites into courses and push out secure feeds for all course activities.


Grade assignments in half the time.

Student View

Teachers can preview assignments and other course elements as students see them.

Web Conferencing

Engage in synchronous online communication.

Plays Well With Others

Canvas adapts to you. Canvas is an open-source software that connects to other technologies via an open API feed, allowing teachers to access and plug-and-play with hundreds of third-party apps and resources without ever having to talk to their IT department. Plus, Canvas provides teachers and students with safe, secure, reliable access to course materials and attached technologies, and promises a 99.9% uptime service-level agreement.

Browser Support

Connect to Canvas from any Web-standard browser.

Download and Upload Zip Files

Work in Canvas on or offline—it’s up to you.

Language Support (Internationalization)

Make sure Canvas speaks your (and your students’) language.

LTI Integrations

Use the tools you want with LTI integrations.


Engage students in learning anytime, anywhere from IOS, Android, or any mobile device with a Web-standard browser.

Multimedia Integrations

Insert audio, video, text, images, and more at every learning contact point.

Open API

With its open API, Canvas easily integrates with your IT ecosystem.


Canvas comes with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

SIS Integration

Connect Canvas with your SIS.

Lossless Learning

What if you could combine the ease and efficiency of online learning with the magic of a face-to-face environment? By addressing the causes of wasted time and missed learning objectives in F2F instruction, our Lossless Learning Initiative turns the “what if” into “here’s how.” It begins with using the right technologies in the right ways to ensure that more of the knowledge you transmit is received and applied by students.

Canvas Polls

Gauge comprehension and incorporate formative assessment without the need for “clicker” devices.


Track in real-time how students are performing and demonstrating their learning.

Quiz Stats

Analyze and improve individual assessments and quiz questions.

Learning Mastery for Students

Empower students to take control of their learning.


Canvas App Center

The Canvas App Center is your gateway to a world of powerful teaching tools. Even the least tech-savvy teachers can easily browse a library of LTI tools and install them in a single click— no IT help necessary. Powerful tools like Khan Academy, Google Charts, Wordpress, Flat World Knowledge, Open Tapestry, and many more can now be easily installed, allowing teachers to create a truly custom teaching experience.

Students also have LTI installation access to popular tools like Twitter and Dropbox—all just a click away. The Canvas App Center opens the door to more possibilities for teachers and students alike.


Lossless Learning

Even for the most engaged teachers, it’s hard to tell what sparks and becomes knowledge (or what fizzles and gets lost in the classroom ether). With our new tools for lossless learning, you can rely on connected F2F technology to ensure that more of what you teach actually gets through to students. As a best-of-both-worlds solution, lossless learning combines the supercharged connections of F2F instruction with the streamlined, data-rich, insightfulness of a modern, easy-to-use LMS. See what lossless learning can look like in your classroom.

Choosing an LMS comes
down to 3 simple questions.

1. Is it simple?

Simple is what Canvas does better than any other LMS. Simply put, Canvas is easy to learn, easy easy to implement, and radically easy to use.

An LMS should make all the things you do easier. And that means it can’t be just another “technology thing” maintained by the IT department. It has to connect all your digital teaching tools without adding complexity that no one needs.

2. Will it get used?

It will if it’s simple. We’re talking simple for everyone—from teachers and administrators to parents, and yes, even kindergartners. And simple translates to adoptable. That means it saves time and improves learning, but goes a step further by making you really want to use it.

Because Canvas is so easy to use, it streamlines classroom management for teachers and makes administration easier for school IT departments.

3. Can it adapt to meet your needs?

You don’t just need an LMS for this term or this school year. You need a learning platform that can easily work with tools and teaching methods you haven’t even heard of yet. So you can feel like you’re teaching from the future today, and just keep on teaching when it gets here.

The best platform allows your institution to expand and adopt new technologies as they surface, which is just another reason we believe you’ll find that Canvas is the best choice.

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