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Your accommodations may or may not include secret passageways, stolen diamonds, ultra-encrypted spy-fi, and exotic fish in gigantic aquaria (but probably not). However, they will have all the amenities needed to make your stay at Keystone a comfortable one.

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Hotels + Condos

Attending InstructureCon with a group of fellow edu-agents? With Keystone’s Feature Share option, you can save money by booking a multi-bedroom condo and still enjoy your own private sleeping quarters. Check out the options below, then download the lodging form to split the bill with multiple people. If you have any questions, call the housing line directly at 855-441-2177.

Room reservations are also available through Summit Cove Rentals.

These rooms are near the conference center and on the shuttle routes—to book, call 970-368-2018 (M–F, 8–6) and mention “Instructure 2017” for a special-agent discount. Online reservations not available.

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Canyon Transportation

To get to Keystone from the Denver International Airport, you can travel by jetpack, missile-equipped Aston Martin DB5, or scenic shuttle. (We recommend the third option.) Click the button below to reserve your ride to and from Keystone.

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Denver Airport | Travel Map

Get your bearings before you embark on Mission: InstructureCon 0017.

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Denver Airport Map

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