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The University of Auckland Selects Canvas
by Instructure As its New Learning
Management System

SYDNEY – August 13, 2015 – Instructure, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company and creator of the Canvas learning management system (LMS), today announced that New Zealand’s largest university, the University of Auckland, has selected Canvas to provide a modern learning environment for its 40,000 students.

Students are coming to the university with a multitude of devices to conduct their learning, and a large part of why Canvas was selected was because it works well on many different devices – making teaching and learning in this digital age easier for the University community.

Students today are more connected and use more devices to conduct their learning than ever before. They want to be able to access timetables on their smartphones, upload video submissions for assessment via tablets and write assignments on laptops. In addition, faculty also want to use a variety of technology tools and applications in their teaching, and they don’t want to be constrained by the university’s learning platform.

Following years of using its homegrown LMS, the University of Auckland recognised the need to find a modern platform that would provide greater usability and functionality for its faculty and students. Specifically, the university wanted a system that would integrate seamlessly with external tools and applications that faculty use, while also working across operating systems and devices that students expect to use in conducting their learning.

When testing LMSs, Canvas received the highest score from the University of Auckland in the categories of business requirements, technical requirements and scenario evaluation. Students and staff were encouraged to participate in the selection process for the new LMS. Screen capture scenarios and mock websites using Canvas were made available to all staff and students, who were then invited to review and provide feedback via a survey. Canvas was unanimously selected as the preferred supplier by the selection committee at the University of Auckland.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) John Morrow notes that “the shift to Canvas is an important part of our plan to enhance the learning experience, by providing our staff and students with a flexible, modern tool to support student success.”

The Canvas LMS provides students with device-friendly and efficient software that improves learning outcomes. It engages students to work how they choose, where they choose and when they choose. Canvas offers flexible content creation, management and delivery tools to support and enhance face-to-face and online instruction.

“We admire the University of Auckland’s student-centred focus and welcome them to the global community of Canvas educators and learners,” said Troy Martin, director of APAC at Instructure. “We support their desire to provide better systems support and functionality as part of a holistic educational offering to faculty and students through Canvas.”

The University of Auckland will roll out Canvas in January 2016. To keep learning, visit

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