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Oshkosh Area School District had to figure out if it needed a learning management system or could get away with piecing together different apps and programs to make it work. Join Oshkosh tech integrators Corey Jeffers and Kristi Levy as they discuss their district’s LMS journey. View the Webinar

Preview engaging, time saving free resources from SAS Curriculum Pathways available to you today via Canvas. SAS Curriculum Pathways offers over 1,700 high-quality resources for K-12 and beyond across English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Spanish. Aligned to state standards, and created by content specialists, these resources engage students through the use of technology, presenting ideas in a way that traditional textbooks cannot. View the Webinar

IDSolutions has developed an integration between Vidyo (one of the best desktop video conferencing solutions on the market today) and Canvas LMS. The Vidyo for Canvas (VFC) module integrates both live and recorded video directly into the Canvas interface to help instructors leverage the power of video for every course they teach. View the Webinar

During this session,’s Director of Product, Jake Ramsey will present an overview of our Predictive Insights service and how this service can help colleges and universities identify at risk students and accelerate the intervention timeline. Colleges can also use Predictive Insights data to inform curriculum development. View the Webinar

Migrating to a new LMS is a massive ordeal, but totally worth it to best meet the needs of faculty and students. Listen as two administrators discuss how they’ve successfully migrated systems, including why and how they did it, and lessons learned. View the Webinar

Thousands of districts and schools have already gone through this process and have learned critical success factors to ensure choosing the right LMS. Join two educational technologists as they talk about their experience of going through an LMS evaluation and what they learned. View the Webinar

The growing effort to incorporate Open Educational Resources as a foundational part of digital transformations unveils new challenges and opportunities for districts. How can administrators ensure that teachers use trusted, quality resources? How can those resources be organized to match the district’s curriculum, so they can truly replace printed materials? Is there a way teachers can access all OER needed without leaving the platform they use to design and deliver instruction? View the Webinar

The Every Student Succeeds Act, signed into law in December, is poised to shake up the landscape for states and districts on everything from school accountability to testing, teacher policy, and funding. This latest version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act shifts significant K-12 responsibility away from the federal level. States will set their own academic goals for students, within certain federal boundaries, and have more control over how to turn around low-performing schools. View the Webinar

How do you prepare graduating students with the right learning tools needed to succeed in Higher Ed? And how do you help them continue to succeed? Presenters from both Harvard University and Phillips Academy, Andover answer these questions while sharing strategies on how to drive better adoption and usage of learning tools as well as what has and has not worked for them when adopting an LMS. View the Webinar

Whether you have a new learning management system or are still searching for the right one, the idea of implementing a new LMS can be daunting. But the truth is, it's not as hard as it seems. In fact, it's pretty easy. Join us for this exclusive webinar to breakdown the implementation process, and prove it's not as overwhelming as many think. Plan to learn tips and tricks on how to make the process of implementing a new LMS both painless and seamless. View the Webinar

Do you wish your integration would give you more flexibility? You need the ability to alter the structure per school, customize cross-listings, and filter and shape your SIS data. Join us for a 30-minute webinar exploring the Kimono Canvas Integration. See a demo of the real-time, bi-directional integration and find out how it can make Canvas adapt to your district, schools, and teachers. View the Webinar

Many educators have already integrated Google Apps into their Canvas environment, and found the integration to be "easy and seamless". And when they feel they've outgrown the Google Apps offered, the robustness of the Canvas platform allows them to integrate new and other edu apps into their teaching. Join former educator, Marissa Burkhart, for this special Canvas demo and walk, with a unique focus on integrating Google Apps into your Canvas workflow. View the Webinar

Before committing to a new learning management system, or LMS, schools and districts have some serious homework to do. Ensuring that a prospective LMS aligns with institutional goals, technology infrastructure, and the requirements of an entire learning community—from teachers and administrators to students and parents—will increase the likelihood of a successful implementation, and ultimately, improve teaching and learning. A hastily chosen LMS, on the other hand, may inhibit technology adoption, fragment users, and diminish the return on investment. View the Webinar

Does the thought of migrating to a new LMS sound like a total nightmare? Learn how two higher ed institutions - Northwestern University and Richland Community College - recently transitioned to a new learning management system. Faculty from both schools share firsthand accounts of the evaluation, selection, migration, and adoption process. View the Webinar

At the Clark County School District in Nevada, administrators plan to transition 100,000 students—one third of the student body—into an online or blended learning environment by the 2015-2016 school year. Listen to this web seminar to learn strategies from Clark County's innovative projects coordinator about the keys to implementing blended learning from an administrator's perspective, the most predominant implementation models, and a practical 4-step approach to creating a successful blended learning environment in any district. View the Webinar

Looking for a better way to engage your digitally distracted learners? Join us for a free webinar with our partners, Caturra Video and newrow_, as they demonstrate how their integrations with Canvas can help you engage higher ed learners inside and outside the classroom. View the Webinar

Find lessons for your class and give students the opportunity to control their learning. View the Webinar

Looking for a better way to identify and reach students with special academic needs? View the Webinar

In summer 2012, Penn Harris Madison became the first district in Indiana to adopt Canvas. Join us as they discuss their experience adopting and implementing Canvas over the past three years. View the Webinar

This webinar discusses what to do AFTER the 1:1 rollout happens, and how to capitalize on the tools and access that are now at teachers’ and students’ fingertips. View the Webinar

From student feedback to help desk user support, make it simple. View the Webinar

Which is harder? Transitioning to a new learning management system or maintaining an LMS that no longer meets the needs of your institution. Watch this free webcast with David Thomas, director of academic technology at the University of Colorado Denver / CU Online, to find out how evaluating, selecting, and implementing a new LMS can be made easy. View the Webinar

Canvas, the fastest growing LMS, provides a suite of tools to make you and your students more efficient and your course more effective. Learn how to get the most from those tools and how seamless integration of 3rd party content in your Canvas course can boost outcomes and save you time. This session will be 30 minutes plus 15 minutes of Q&A. View the Webinar

AspirEDU and ReadSpeaker present with Canvas on tools to help students with special needs. View the Webinar

In this webinar, we will examine exemplar problem- and project-based units tied to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We will also review the research-based design principles used to develop these high quality units, and explore how to engage and motivate students to take on “need to know” challenging topics as curious, inspired learners. View the Webinar

During this webinar Seth Klein, Lead Channel Solutions Engineer at Box, will discuss: How Canvas and Box together make faculty, staff, and students more productive, the challenges that Box solves in education environments, how Box is different from other solutions in the marketplace, and the Box integration with Canvas by Instructure. View the Webinar

This webinar is designed to talk broadly about the convergence of game-based learning and faculty development as a unique approach to developing innovative pedagogy, student engagement, and deepened understandings of game elements and game theory. Just like multiple game elements are needed to make an effective learning experience, multiple pedagogical elements are needed to make an effective and powerful learning experience – professional development experience. View the Webinar

MyLab & Mastering is the world's leading collection of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products designed with a single purpose in mind: to improve the results of all higher education students, one student at a time. Pearson offers integration between Canvas and its MyLab & Mastering products. This integration provides the ability for the instructor and students to link from a Canvas course to access their Pearson MyLab & Mastering experience. View the Webinar

The educational landscape is littered with learning object repositories (LORs), bouncing dustily across education like purposeless tumbleweeds blown by the winds of indifference. If no one cares about the LOR, if no one uses it, if no one even wants to try to use it, then who exactly is it helping? Introducing Canvas Commons, the LOR that will get used because it makes sharing so easy. View the Webinar

Canvas by Instructure will present a 50-minute webinar demonstrating the functionality of its Canvas learning management system. You’ll see why some of the largest and most innovative colleges and universities have made the move to Canvas and never looked back. View the Webinar

Learn how the Allen Independent School District is creating “future ready” students by focusing on digital learning, high priority learning standards, and assessment. See how they used an LMS to implement online and blended learning. View the Webinar

This session chronicles Baine’s adventures in teaching hybrid art appreciation courses. Explore best practices for a flipped classroom model, as well as ideas for translating you and your personality to a digital environment. View the Webinar

Digital pedagogy starts with learning at its center, not tools or technologies. The best digital tools inspire us, often to use them in ways the designer couldn’t anticipate. The worst digital tools attempt to dictate our pedagogies, determining what we can do with them and for whom. The digital pedagogue teaches her tools; she doesn’t let them teach her. View the Webinar

At-risk online students are often past the point of redemption before appropriate support services are brought into play. This session focuses on different ways that administrators and instructors can systematically use built-in Canvas features or external tools like Dropout Detective to proactively detect and help at-risk students before it’s too late. View the Webinar

What’s in your EdTech utility belt? Supercharge your classroom with 12 tools that will help engage, excite, and educate your students. This webinar will show you how to build content without breaking the bank. Actual belt not included. View the Webinar

Come hear directly from faculty who have been using WileyPLUS–a research-based, online teaching and learning environment–to seamlessly add digital content to their courses. Learn about the pedagogical advantages of incorporating Wiley’s rich collection of interactive learning content right from within your Canvas course. View the Webinar

Mizzou K-12 Online is hosting a webinar that will review key elements of teacher training for online courses, supporting online professional development communities, and technical design of Canvas for highly-interactive anddynamic online courses. Training designs, and Javascript files for supporting course-specific CSS will be shared in this webinar that focuses on building capacity for your team: from skill and knowledge to the highly technical and social. View the Webinar

Join Instructure for a 50-minute webinar demonstrating the functionality of its Canvas learning management system. You’ll see why some of the largest and most innovative colleges and universities have made the smart move to Canvas. You’ll learn… how Canvas’ SpeedGrader makes grading (with rubrics) up to 70% more efficient, how to engage students via integration with modern Web sites and devices, how cloud hosting makes life easier for everyone, and how Canvas’ modern Web interface makes it easy for faculty and students. View the Webinar

K-12 technology initiatives benefit greatly by having an easy-to-use, highly adoptable LMS to facilitate interactions between teachers, students, and content. If you’re not using an LMS today, find out why Tempe Union HSD thinks you will be (or at least should be) soon. View the Webinar

As a concept, mastery-based education is nearly a century old and has been championed in modern times by the likes of Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy. While traditional education still prevails in the classroom, there is growing interest in instituting mastery-based (or formative learning) practises throughout the country.

Canvas recently introduced the Learning Mastery Gradebook, which gives teachers the option to view students’ learning based on standards rather than grades. This allows teachers to monitor students’ progress in mastering specific learning objectives and to quickly identify students who need additional help.

This webinar will cover: how mastery learning is being implemented in the classroom, why learning outcomes are important, how to get started with mastery learning, and about Canvas' Learning Mastery Gradebook now and in the future. View the Webinar

View this free webcast with Donald Lemma, Associate Dean for Technology and CIO of Columbia Business School, to learn how Columbia embraces modern classroom technology. Lemma will present an overview of the school’s evaluation, selection, and implementation of the Canvas learning management system (LMS) and explain how Canvas has helped move Columbia’s tech initiatives forward.

Additionally, Angela Lee, Executive Director of Academic Core Integration for Columbia’s Samberg Institute of Teaching Excellence, and Sean Wiggins, Administrative Coordinator, will discuss the Canvas user experience and how the LMS has helped Columbia professors provide a modern learning experience for students. View the Webinar

One of the great challenges for schools configuring or creating digital tools is determining just how closely to mirror the 'reality' of school life in the online environment. When does an exact replica support students and teachers? When does a simplified model do the trick, making our lives more efficient? Walk through one school's process for identifying, interpreting, and transmogrifying school life into effective and valued online tools that support the work of students, teachers, and administrators.

In this webinar, we'll cover: timeline for making decisions about online projects, process for configuring online tools, sample Canvas configuration for a small boarding school, and a process for assessment and reflective ongoing planning View the Webinar

Online courses are usually designed based on one or more of a number of factors, including: 1) faculty experience, 2) pedagogical principles, 3) institutional guidelines, and 4) classroom components. All of these contribute to the final design and flow of a course. Until now, it has been difficult to assess how well courses actually meet many institutional and teaching goals. While assessments seek to evaluate whether students have acquired skills and knowledge, there has been little examination of the actual learning process from students’ perspective aside from anecdotal survey responses.

The ability to extract learner interaction data from modern LMS platforms has begun to provide insight into what students actually do in a course—how often they work in the course, the order in which they interact with course content, patterns of interactions that can reveal content and process problems, and so on. Using data from two sample courses, Pamela Wik-Grimm will give examples of course design issues uncovered by analyzing student data. Solving these issues provides benefits, including improved student completion rates, reduced instructor teaching burden, and help for institutions in meeting budgetary and student performance goals. View the Webinar

This webinar will explore how personalized learning encourages creative thinking skills and innovation. It will demonstrate ways K-12 teachers can use Canvas to provide differentiated learning while challenging learners at their own ability levels. It will also present the benefits of individualized instruction for students, as well as for schools. Time will be allocated for open discussion and questions. View the Webinar

MediaCore’s cloud-based platform makes it easy for schools and universities to capture and create content, build and manage a high-quality media library, and share content securely between students and teachers, on any device. And MediaCore is now seamlessly integrated with Canvas, allowing instructors and students to use its powerful video tools within Canvas courses.

This webinar will explore the MediaCore platform, how institutions across the world are using video to create awesome learning experiences, and demonstrate MediaCore’s seamless Canvas integration. View the Webinar

Are you ready to design your first online course? Or to incorporate more online content into a face-to-face course? Do you know where to begin? This webinar will offer a clean and simple approach to course design. Working in Canvas, participants will be introduced to design tips and tricks for building a learning module in no time. Find out what you'll need, where you'll need it, and how to engage your students. View the Webinar

In 2011 the University of Washington had a complex and difficult to maintain learning management landscape. Faced with increasing demand to improve the LMS experience for students and faculty, the UW launched a one-year pilot of Canvas by Instructure. The pilot provided compelling results that subsequently led UW to standardize on Canvas across all three UW campuses. View this free webinar to learn about UW's systematic effort to define a new LMS strategy. View the Webinar

Join us as we explore the benefits of technology integration in the math classroom for both educators and students. Topics will include using a learning management system and Google Apps for Education; experiencing a flipped/blended classroom; and creating a student-centric classroom through the use of technology. View the Webinar

What are the key elements of high-quality professional development programs for educators? This webinar will provide strategies for working with adult learners and share tools to help you plan, design, and evaluate your district or school’s professional development program. Participants will also explore integrating and using technology for professional development. Come learn how to enhance learning for teachers, so they can pass on the benefits to students. View the Webinar

Selecting an institution-wide software solution is often complex, but collaboration and good planning can help the process run smoothly. This free online webinar will focus on Del Mar College’s evaluation and selection of two large-scale campus systems with pre-built integrations: the Canvas by Instructure learning management system and Blue by eXplorance course evaluation.

Join us and learn more about Del Mar College’s collaborative software selection process, including: how they selected the selection committee, the evaluation and selection criteria, what Del Mar College did right, lessons learned, and about the integration of Canvas and Blue. View the Webinar

If you’re one of the many LMS users interested in building an LTI app, but you aren’t sure about the “right” way to do it, this webinar’s for you. First we’ll cover the basics of LTI (the standard mechanism for most LMS integrations), then we’ll review some example apps and show you how to make them work with an LMS. View the Webinar

The Millennial generation, often referred to as “digital natives,” are taking our world by cyber-storm. They are often seen as raising the bar with respect to mobility, innovation, collaboration, flexibility, transparency, access to information, and especially their connectedness. This session will present techniques for using Canvas and other online tools to create an online presence that will engage all learners, including Millennials. View the Webinar

With a new school year upon us, what better way to start it off than with a Canvas K12 webinar! Take a peek under Canvas’ hood and learn how you can revolutionize your teaching experience this year. We’ll share some of our users’ favorite features and show you how they can transform your online courses. Let Canvas K12 help you start the school year off right!

Come learn more about… SpeedGrader, including Crocodoc for annotation, outcomes aligned with Rubrics, Analytics, Rich Content Media tool, and the Mobile Apps Center. View the Webinar

With the advent of advanced learning platforms and ubiquitous mobile devices, it's time to move past the false dichotomies of traditional and so-called flipped classes and embrace a Pervasive Education Environment. This requires adoption of empirically supported pedagogy and the integration of the co-located class meeting as just one of the affordances of instructional design. This webinar provides a conceptual framework for designing the always-on classroom using basic Canvas features. Access slides here. View the Webinar

How can you avoid the dreaded “Death By PowerPoint”? Are you curious how faculty at other institutions design their courses? What about transitioning from face-to-face to online learning? This session will cover a variety of cool — sometimes FREE! — tools that facilitate teaching and learning online without subjecting you to PowerPoint overload. View the Webinar

JISC Cetis will introduce some basic Google Spreadsheet features. They will also show you how to dig deeper with Canvas API integrations using Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets. In the end, you'll have a better understanding of learning analytics and how to collect and measure data about learners. View the Webinar

Building an LTI app is actually pretty straightforward — once you know how. The good news is there are plenty of examples out there of campus-specific apps and third-party integrations. Come learn the ins and outs of writing an LTI integration, see what other people are doing, and learn from their examples. Fifty minutes of glorious geek splendor is imminent! View the Webinar

Have you heard the buzz about Canvas? This is a free 70-minute presentation about the Canvas learning platform. You’ll see why some of the largest and most innovative colleges and universities have made the smart move to Canvas. View the Webinar

By implementing a mandatory online orientation, Alamo Colleges have increased student retention, as well as student success in online courses. Learn how to create and implement online orientations at your institution. We’ll also share our successes to help you improve your online courses. View the Webinar

Learn how Naperville North High School is leveraging the power of Canvas to improve communication and collaboration in athletics, clubs, and meetings. With Canvas, teachers, administrators, coaches, and students have access to all their work—all the time—so conversations and learning are no longer limited to the hours of practices or meetings. See how schools can use Canvas on and off the field, as well as in and out of the conference room. View the Webinar

Today is all about educational farming and how to plant seeds across the Professional Learning Spectrum. See how Canvas is changing the K-12 way of teaching. This webinar will provide an overview of the communication tools within Canvas and tips for leveraging the full power of the Canvas LMS. View the Webinar

The mental and social habits gaming encourages, and the sense of motivated optimism it cultivates, are exactly what we as educators hope to encourage in our students. As we learn more about the relationship between engagement, achievement, well being, and play, we see that meaningful learning can happen naturally in a game-based context. View the Webinar

Do you ever approach a new semester with the disconcerting feeling that you've forgotten something important? Now that you're teaching with a learning management system, does that feeling just get worse? We may not be able to help you remember to wear that lucky bow tie to the first day of class, but we can help you get your LMS straight. Our Back-to-School LMS Checklist webinar will cover the most important things you need to do to make sure your online course strategy is primed and ready for students from day one. Additional resources can be found here. View the Webinar

Last month Instructure released analytics for Canvas complete with Student, Course, and Institutional views. Join us as Devlin Daley, co-founder of Instructure, dives into these individual views to showcase the power of data. Access slides here. View the Webinar

Come learn how Canvas K-12 is revolutionizing the classroom. Canvas is improving student/teacher/parent collaboration both inside and outside the classroom. It also provides an online home base in support of 1:1 programs. Canvas also extends the classroom with easy-to-use online tools that facilitate learning beyond school/daytime constraints. View the Webinar

After Blackboard announced its acquisition of Angel in 2009, Lower Columbia College put together a plan to assess its LMS options. In 2011 the college assembled an LMS task force. After piloting Canvas in 76 courses during winter 2012, LCC picked Canvas as its next education platform. This process coincided with the selection of Canvas by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. Learn about LCC's evaluation process and the reasons why the institution chose Canvas. View the Webinar

The semester is over, so now what? This webinar will provide some tips and tricks along with an end-of-semester checklist for instructors who have just wrapped up teaching with Canvas. View the Webinar

Knowing your Canvas platform better than your students will help you become a more effective online teacher. This webinar will give you an overview of Canvas and the things your students will need to know, including how to navigate Canvas and understand all the tools it has to offer. We'll show you the ins and outs so you can navigate Canvas better than your students. View the Webinar

Make your Canvas course an object of art. Learn five easy steps that will help you create courses designed to increase course interactions. This webinar also addresses the misconceptions of online courses and how to break down barriers of the past. Online learning is the way of the future, so fill the gap by creating some amazing courses. Additional resources can be found here. View the Webinar

This webinar will show how collaborations are actively engaging students and how students can work together online. This allows students to have more flexibility, use multimedia, and have greater interactivity. Online peer reviews give students the power to have their projects reviewed at any time, allowing others to give feedback sooner, and providing more time to revise projects. Learn how these tools are being used. View the Webinar

Having easy-to-navigate courses will help you and your students succeed even more. Learn how to create courses that allow students to easily flow through content and find what they're looking for with minimal effort. Simple changes, such as using pages instead of a course stream, will provide quick links. Join this webinar to boost your courses' accessibility to students. View the Webinar

Keeping students on track can pose quite the problem. We all know how long the average human attention span is, but we're not only talking about the average human, we're talking about busy students. Communication is key and Canvas will allow you to keep students informed and actively engaged in your courses. This webinar will give you some very helpful tips on what some instructors are doing to keep students on track. View the Webinar

Grading can be a teacher's worst nightmare. We'll show you how fast and easy grading can be with Canvas Gradebook. We'll demonstrate multiple ways to set up your Gradebook, as well as other cool things, like grading rules and calculations that will make your life simpler. View the Webinar

Are you always wondering about the best way to organize your course? This webinar will cover the things you need to know to build an effective, clean course. It will cover these topics: selective release of content, hiding/locking content, hiding pages from students, self indexing Canvas with pages, and the super GUI method (pages, pictures, and graphical links). View the Webinar

This webinar will show you the importance of using rubrics and outcomes. Rubrics will help increase the consistency of grading, whether you're teaching solo or with multiple instructors. Also learn how to establish guidelines for assignments, which will help students produce better outcomes. Learn about other ways rubrics are changing the teaching and learning game. View the Webinar

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