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Open up with Canvas

When it comes to education, Canvas is committed to openness. In fact, everything we do revolves around it—from our open offices to our network of open courses—and we’ve been this way since day one. Our platform was built on the belief that everyone in education should have open access to high-quality information, content, data, and resources. No golden tickets, secret handshakes, or hoop-jumping required.

Here’s how we back up our commitment to openness.


Open Platform

Canvas is built on an open API, meaning users have programmatic access to our software. This allows you to integrate custom tools, extract your usage data, and discover new and exciting ways to use Canvas.

Canvas integrates with most SISs (Student Information Systems), and we work with 100+ like-minded partners to ensure that the technology, tools, and services are available to help you build your ideal learning ecosystem.

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Open Education

Open education is the exciting notion that educators should have unrestricted access to educational resources. It also encompasses the idea that education should be available to anyone who wants it.

We didn’t invent open education, but we’re huge fans. We’re doing everything we can to support it—including offering a MOOC hub that not only provides open entry to learners worldwide but also provides continued access to course content after the course end date and allows instructors to share and reuse content through open licensing. It’s called Canvas Network, and it’s pretty neat.

Watch The Video On Open Education > Offer a Course

Open Content

Open content refers to educational resources and learning materials that are available to everyone and free to be reused, remixed, revised, and redistributed. Open content fits right in with the Canvas worldview. That’s why we’ve a) partnered with tons of open content providers and b) created Canvas Commons, a learning object repository that allows educators to share resources and course content and import it into Canvas courses.

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Open Research

In case it isn’t painfully obvious yet: we love sharing information. So here’s a collection of articles, infographics, and case studies about Canvas and modern education. Dig in!

DIY Learning Tech: Do Innovation Yourself with Open Standards

Find out how Canvas enables you to create your own tools, access customized sets of data, and integrate with your preferred apps.

DIY Open Courses: Do Innovation Yourself with Canvas Network

Get the scoop on MOOCs, and discover how Canvas Network can fundamentally change your approach to teaching and learning.

DIY Open Content: Do Innovation
Yourself with OERs

Learn about the past and present of OERs and where you can go to get started using the best available open content.

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