Canvas isn’t just a product. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s an educational revolution. It’s a powerful new way to—pardon our optimism—change the world. It’s a rapidly growing company with an industry-pushing platform, hundreds of talented employees, and millions of passionate students and teachers. And, sure, there’s also a pretty incredible product in there, too.


Streamlining the world's largest
education system.

Selected as the LMS for California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative, Canvas increases access to quality online courses.


Delivering a college prep curriculum with college-ready technology.

As a K-20 solution, Canvas supports the mission of Archbishop McCarthy High School to prepare students for college by helping them succeed in a fully-digital learning environment.

Take Canvas for a test drive with our free, two-week trial account. It’s pre-loaded with course content to help you explore and hit the ground running. Try it.

Choosing an LMS comes
down to 3 simple questions.

1. Will it get used? 2. Will it adapt to your needs? 3. Is it reliable?

No matter which LMS you choose, if it doesn’t get used, then what’s the point? All the features in the world mean nothing if no one uses them.

The best platform allows your institution to expand and adopt new technologies as they surface, which is just another reason we believe you’ll find that Canvas is the best choice.

Canvas is native cloud, reliably hosted on Amazon AWS, which processes more than a million requests per second with 500,000+ servers.


And, because we love you and we want you to choose Canvas, we’ve created a simple chart to help you compare Canvas to ol’ what’s-their-names. Check it out HERE.


Do you love research? How about well-organized, super-pertinent, edu-informed research? Well, then get a load of our new Research Folder, which we fully (and soon) aim to grow into a vibrant epicenter of whitepapers, infographics, videos, and other awesomeness directly from our borderline obsessive research team. Get your whitepapers (and other awesomeness) HERE!

Canvas App Center. LTI FTW!

The Canvas App Center is your gateway to a world of powerful teaching tools. Even the least tech-savvy teachers can easily browse a library of LTI tools and install them in a single click—no IT help necessary. Open the door to a truly custom teaching experience and more possibilities with Canvas App Center.

Use your own data to answer your own questions.

When you think of Canvas in terms of data, you probably think about what goes in—everything from files to student profiles to grades. But what about the patterns and insights that come out on the other side? See how Canvas Data, our new data optimization service, makes it easy to access and analyze your LMS usage data, so you can enable, assess, or reimagine teaching and learning.

LMS Course Design: The big picture about complexity and depth.

Course design is like rock-paper-scissors. Statistically, you’re bound to pick some winners at random. But if you know what you’re up against from the start, you’ll have “hand” when it comes to improving outcomes. That’s why our Research and Education team recently sifted through a giant vat of Canvas data. They were looking for meaningful comparisons about higher ed course design, user interactions, and learning outcomes. See the resulting “big picture,” respond to our survey, and help shape our burgeoning theory about course website design.

NEWSFLASH! Announcing the release of the Canvas mobile app 4.0

The Canvas mobile app is better than ever with the new 4.0 release. We’ve completely overhauled everything for this latest release. We’ve gone through every single screen to make it not only look better, but run more smoothly for a better mobile learning experience every time. Don’t take our word for it, check it out the new and improved Canvas for Android mobile app today!

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