From day one, Canvas has been built on openness.

Building on the foundation laid by pioneering, forward-thinking open educators, we launched our open platform in 2011 with the goal to make teaching and learning easier. And, thanks in part to an open API and open data and open content, we’ve been able to do just that. Maybe “open” is a buzzword in the education world today, but for us it’s been the very beating heart of what we do all along.

Openness, in order of ascending awesomeness.

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Streamlining the world's largest
education system.

Selected as the LMS for California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative, Canvas increases access to quality online courses.


Choosing a statewide LMS to make teaching and learning easier.

Selected by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction as its statewide LMS, Canvas makes it easy for educators throughout the state to collaborate and share resources.

Take Canvas for a test drive with our free, two-week trial account. It’s pre-loaded with course content to help you explore and hit the ground running. Try it.

Choosing an LMS comes
down to 3 simple questions.

1. Will it get used? 2. Will it adapt to your needs? 3. Is it reliable?

No matter which LMS you choose, if it doesn’t get used, then what’s the point? All the features in the world mean nothing if no one uses them.

The best platform allows your institution to expand and adopt new technologies as they surface, which is just another reason we believe you’ll find that Canvas is the best choice.

Canvas is native cloud, reliably hosted on Amazon AWS, which processes more than a million requests per second with 500,000+ servers.



Do you love research? How about well-organized, super-pertinent, edu-informed research? Well, then get a load of our new Research page, which we fully (and soon) aim to grow into a vibrant epicenter of whitepapers, infographics, videos, and other awesomeness directly from our borderline obsessive research team. Get your whitepapers (and other awesomeness) HERE!

Canvas App Center. LTI FTW!

The Canvas App Center is your gateway to a world of powerful teaching tools. Even the least tech-savvy teachers can easily browse a library of LTI tools and install them in a single click—no IT help necessary. Open the door to a truly custom teaching experience and more possibilities with Canvas App Center.

Arc makes video smart,
easy, and interactive.

Most online video platforms are passive, and then there’s Arc. Arc works in tandem with Canvas to make video learning more effective through active collaboration. Arc also provides built-in asset management and detailed analytics.

Get a global perspective on career preparedness.

College may have prepared you to write (and rewrite) your thesis statement, but how well did it prepare you to launch (and relaunch) your career? In 2015, our Research and Education team put these questions to the test with a survey of more than 7,500 current and former college students in 14 countries. Find out how attitudes differ globally about the role and effectiveness of higher education in preparing students for the workforce.

Turn on the new Canvas UI and turn up the Canvas awesome.

If you use Canvas, then you’re a Canvas user. And if you’re a Canvas user, then you’re exactly who we had in mind when we recently refreshed the Canvas user interface. Beyond its updated look and feel, the new UI is more modern, more content-focused, and way more responsive. See how it looks, how it works, and how you can opt-in to start using the UI that was built just for you.

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