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Don’t worry about which LMS features you can afford.

With canvas, you can have them all.

All the features you expect and more.

We spend a lot of time talking about Canvas’ easy-to-use features, its reliability during finals, and how much teachers and students love to use it. But we know you care just as much about the proverbial bottom line: affordability, value, and making a smart investment. We also know what you’re thinking right now. “Cut to the chase: How much does it cost?”

The cost to implement Canvas varies based on size, training, support, and other localized factors, but our pricing model is simple enough to explain in one sentence: You pay a one-time implementation fee and an annual subscription fee based on your total number of users. (See? No asterisks. No fine print.)

And because Canvas is highly adoptable (a.k.a. actually gets used by teachers and students), you won’t have to worry about getting your money’s worth (a.k.a. breaking the bank for an LMS no one wants to use).

Ready for a price quote?

Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching, learning—and choosing a new LMS—easier. For a quote based on your institution’s needs, Call 800.203.6755.

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