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July 24-26, 2018

Keystone -- Colorado

Come one, come all! The greatest edtech conference on earth is about to begin!

(Actually, you have a few months, but it never hurts to plan ahead.) It’s educational! It’s technological! It’s pedagogical! Come and witness extraordinary feats of LMS innovation! See mystifying marvels of teaching and learning! You’ll gasp. You’ll gape. You’ll shake your head in utter amazement. Step right up and register to attend!

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The Instructurecon Agenda is ALIVE!

We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it before: This rare beast is huge in size, teeming with enticing sessions, and has the intelligence of a hundred Canvas users and edtech experts! Behold! THE AGENDA!

"If you dare!"

From the deep

Astonishing Pre‑Cons!

Feast your eyes on these extraordinary pre-conference workshops, designed for the insatiably curious and knowledge-driven… and then register to attend!


July 22-24

A Spectacular Corporate-Con Dedicated To Talent Management

Sessions and keynotes will dive deep into the Bridge LMS and the latest and greatest in employee training and development. Don't miss this incredible show!

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First-class Accommodations

Choose from single hotel rooms and multi-room shared housing units.


Relive the Wonders of Yesteryear

If you missed Mission: InstructureCon 0017 (or you just want to look back on the intel-rich sessions and intriguing events), here’s highly classified surveillance video of last year’s cloak-and-dagger conference.

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