Are you ready for InstructureCon 2016?

We’ve always felt like InstructureCon was summer camp for education-minded adults. But in 2016 we’re doubling down with a summer camp theme: Kumbayawesome! Come join us at Camp Canvas for all the education-driven, Canvas-based awesomeness you can shake an immaculately-whittled stick at. Plus campfires and boondoggles and rivers and late night shenanigans and who knows what else! Come on, campers!

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InstructureCon 2015 was so big that we outgrew The Canyons. So, as you know, we moved InstructureCon 2016 to Colorado to give us a little more space and more slots. But we’d still recommend you hustle and take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing ($595, ends March 31). Regular rate is $695 and starts April 1. Register (and see our general schedule) here.

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Well, the early birds got the worms. And by “worms” we mean “on‑site Keystone lodging.” So, yeah, Keystone on‑site lodging is completely full. Fortunately, there are gobs of great, close options. (Yes, gobs.) You can try Airbnb and VRBO, if you’re modern like that, or check out our list of nearby hotels in The Community. There are free shuttles to InstructureCon/Keystone that come from all the way out in Breckenridge, in case that’s a concern. Book today for the most worms, er, options.



Unless you’re going to rent a car, you’re going to want this link to the scenic shuttle from Denver International Airport to our 2016 home at Keystone, CO (and back). We tried to get junky old yellow school buses with no A/C to really nail that summer camp nostalgia, but our legal team intervened. You can thank them later. For now, just click on the link and reserve your to/from:

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Everything you’ll ever need to know about InstructureCon 2016 will be in the Canvas Community. Maps. Schedules. Announcements. FAQ. Less frequently asked questions?

Get them answered there.
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